domingo, 20 de mayo de 2012

Las Vegas, "Check Points" - SUMMER

Summer begins in earnest in mid to late June as temperatures climb steadily beyond the 32oC (90oF) mark. This is also festival time for Las Vegas with two food and one film festival to look forward to. For racing enthusiasts, the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series is a treat, while gaming lovers enjoy the annual World Series of Poker tournament.


World Series of Poker (Jun 2–Jul 15), Rio. More than 20,000 players match wits in this annual tournament. Buy- ins range from $1,000 for the ladies’ game to $10,000 for the No-limit Texas Hold ’em World Championship. Cine Vegas Film Festival (second week). An exciting and hugely popular film festival, with the chance to see great movies as well as many Hollywood stars. Several seminars are held for budding screenwriters and producers.


Fourth of July (Jul 4). Fireworks, drinking, gambling, barbecues, and outdoor concerts, as well as high temperatures mark the celebration. Local parks sponsor sports contests, pancake breakfasts, and other events.


Men’s Apparel Guild in California (MAGIC) (third week). The latest in men’s and women’s fashion apparel is showcased twice a year – in February and August. Some celebrities also display their own latest lines of clothing.


San Gennaro Feast and Street Fair (mid-Sept). The centerpiece of this famous festival is the Italian cuisine feast with over 60 ethnic food vendors. The four-day event also features a carnival midway, Miss San Gennaro beauty pageant, rides, games,Live bands, and several stalls of arts and craft.

Greek Food Festival (mid- Sept), St. John’s Orthodox Church. Luscious pastries and lip-smacking Greek foods and specialties are available at this festival, which is held in celebration of the Greek Indepen- dence Day. Events include authentic Greek music, folk dancing, a huge shopping bazaar, and many other forms of entertain- ment that take place on the lush grounds of this massive church, which is located near Hacienda Road and Jones Boulevard.

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (late Sept), Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This special NASCAR event is held for trucks. More than 70 Chevy, Ford, and Dodge pick-ups race at speeds of up to 160 mph (257 km/h) in this exciting competition.

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  1. Thanks for posting! I have never been to Las Vegas, but I definitely want to plan a trip out there in the future. My family and I decided that we were gonna check out some hotels in San Antonio this winter for our family vacation. Thanks for sharing.