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If you're planing to go to Thailand



• Thailand is a Buddhist country where Buddha images are held sacred. Sacrilegious acts are punishable by imprisonment even if committed by foreign visitors.
• Thai people hold their King and Queen and the Royal Family in great reverence, and so won't tolerate foreigners showing disrespect to them.
• Generally Thai women are conservative. So don't touch them without their consent.
• Dress properly when entering a Buddhist temple. Miniskirts and shorts are not allowed. Take your shoes off before going inside the hall of worship. Ladies must not on any account touch a Buddhist monk, give things direct to him or receive things direct from him.
• Intimacies between man and woman should not be shown in public. Sunbathing in the nude is prohibited.
• Call Thais their first names; use the title "Khun" for adults.
• Normally, Thai people address others by their first names and with the title 'khun'. So don't be surprised if you are addressed as 'Khun Mary' or 'Khun John' instead of by your surname.
• Traditionally, Thais greet each other with a wai (by pressing the palms together at the chest). If someone wais you, you should wai back (except wai-ed by a child).
• Thai people smile to express gladness and happiness, to thank for small services, to return the wai of children and inferior persons, and even to excuse small inconveniences.
• Don't touch a person's head, nor ruffle his hair. The head is the noblest part of the body. A sincere apology should be offered immediately if you touch someone's head unintentionally.
• Avoid placing your feet on the table while sitting. Never use your foot to point things out or to touch any part of the body of anyone, which is considered rude.
• Entering a Thai house, you're expected to remove your shoes.

Thanks to http://www.thaiwaysmagazine.com/

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

A little Town: Mazamitla, Mexico.

Hello to all visitors, today we're glad to present a little town that we visit a year ago in Mexico: MAZAMITLA.

From Wikipedia:
Mazamitla (La Capital De La Montaña) is a town and municipality of the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is located 124 km south of Guadalajara in the Southeast Region and is a popular resort destination for travelers from Guadalajara. Its name comes from the Nahuatl and means "place where arrows to hunt deer are made"; its territorial extension is 177.18 km2. According to Count II Population and Housing, the municipality has 11671 inhabitants who are devoted mainly to the tertiary sector. For its natural beauty is considered by the federal Secretariat of Tourism as a Pueblo Mágico.
I've found a "Little guide" to get there if you're going from Guadalajara. (thanks to John And Susy)

How to Get There

From Guadalajara, take highway 54 toward Colima for 12 kilometers and turn off onto highway 15, signposted “Morelia.” After 20 kilometers, follow the Jiquilpan sign and keep going another 33 kilometers to the Mazamitla turnoff, just past Tuxcueca. Now go uphill 41 kilometers southeast to Mazamitla.

In town, pass Morelos Street and turn right on Galeana which becomes Manuel Cardenas. Go south until the street ends. Take a right and an immediate left to get onto J. Chavarria which takes you past Monteverde Enterprises to the entrance of Fraccionamiento Los Cazos. Inside, turn right at the first fork and then bear left. The waterfall is three kilometers southwest of the entrance, at N19°53’35.0”W103°02’29.3”. Total driving time from Guadalajara to Los Cazos gate: two hours and 20 minutes

John and Susy Pint.

The meaning of "Pueblo Magico", It's the way in mexico call to all those "little town" that preserve their original costumes, food, architecture and stuff... they're magic because it doesn't matter if we are living in a tech-era, they keep using horses to go to their school.

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