martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

London time

One of my favorite websites about traveling called this hotel "The Hotel of The Month"...

This hotel offersa selection of stylish, comfortable rooms with a modern look and a range of facilities including air conditioning and WiFi internet access to ensure you enjoy a relaxing stay.

Interesting, Isn't it?

Good location, great staff and food... The name of the Hotel is: Quality Crown Hotel Kensington - South Kensington

Quality Crown Hotel Kensington offers the following facilities:

24 Hour ReceptionBar(s)
Direct Line
Dry Cleaning Service
Fax Facilities
Laundry Service
Photocopying Facilities
Room Service
Safety Deposit Box
Secretarial Services

Now you know... If you have plans going london dont forget the south of Kensington, and this wonderful 4 stars hotel.

sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

Some Travel Tips

Carry on luggage
The carry-on should include your "must haves“ such as: medications, toiletries, emergency contacts and travel documents, passport or other ID, whatever else you can't live without.

Keep a standard list of travel items on file
You can add/delete as the season or occasion indicates, but at least you'll have a complete record from which to choose.

Identify your luggage with some personalized touch.
It could be a colorful tag, luggage strap, or even spray paint a small design on the side...that certainly won't get torn off!

Stay hydrated while traveling
Experts recommend drinking one cup of water for every hour in flight. You can carry a small plastic water bottle with you through security and fill it at a water fountain after you pass through.

Take small exercise breaks during your flight
Be sure to get up and walk every hour or so to keep the blood circulating in your lower extremities. If you can't get up, then at least stretch in your seat and flex your feet and move your legs.

Avoid jetlag by curtailing alcohol on board eat light meals and only when hungry and drink plenty of water.
When the flight departs, set your watch to the destination time zone to begin acclimating to the change. When you arrive, avoid taking a nap, which only prolongs jetlag. Instead get some fresh air by taking a walk or choose activities fitting to the new time frame

Be mindful of staying healthy as you travel
Be sure to wash your hands frequently and keep a liquid antibacterial handy when needed. Avoid others who appear ill. If you are not feeling well, don't leave home without consulting your doctor.

martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

The #1 destination on Christmas: Las Vegas

Is September, but the year runs fast and here's de #1 destination on christmas: Las Vegas.

Here's a list with a few options not all are "The #1" but can give you
an idea.

1.- Candlewood suites Las Vegas

2.-Holliday Inn Express South Las Vegas

3.-Holliday Inn Express West Las Vegas

4.- Paris Hotel Las vegas

5.- Bally's Hotel Las vegas

sábado, 4 de septiembre de 2010


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