sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011

Hotel Tulbingerkogel

Vienna, Austria

This addition to an existing hotel is located in a small forest on the outskirts of Vienna. The small, new, three-story building is strategically located in order to take advantage of the spectacular views of the area. The project houses a spa that takes up the entire first floor and six additional rooms from which to enjoy the views of the surrounding forest and Schneeberg Mountain (alps). An attempt was made to respect the natural surroundings, and this is reflected in the building's scale as well as its materials.Of all the building's features, the design of the vertical screens, which unfold to provide privacy or protection from the sun and have and image of the forest being the building printed on them, stand out as examples of this goal.

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  1. Awesome Information, Thanks!

  2. the two building are modern but look nice but i hope they fit in with the natural surroundings ?

  3. Very nice. Looks real homey.